Service Department

At Bokoo Bikes, we are  committed to quality. This commitment to quality is apparent just by looking at the bikes that we carry along with the tools that we use to build and service bikes.  We aim to provide the highest quality service possible by employing and training the best mechanics around as well as keeping all necessary tools and parts on hand.

Our Service Department is designed to allow you to see the action.  Pull up a stool to watch our team service your bicycle or to talk to the staff about the latest technologies in the industry.  Most minor repairs can be done while you wait.  You may also drop your bike off and schedule a larger repair or tune up. For our Tune Up Package prices, please scroll down.

We have a full selection of Park Tool products at our fingertips, so we're confident that we have the right tool for the job.  We also have two state-of-the-art parts washers that use high pressure water mixed with a degreaser to wash away all the dirt and grime. Because we have invested in developing knowledgeable bicycle mechanics and utilizing the highest quality tools and parts, we are confident that our service department will make your bike run like new again.

Check out our Tune Up Packages below or stop in today to chat with our mechanics to discuss your bike service needs.


Save time and money by selecting from our three Tune-Up packages. Because tune-ups are procedural in nature, you will get more for your money if you purchase a package rather than A La Carte. After our technicians inspect your bike, you can discuss the different packages and decide which one will best fit your desires and expectations. Bring your bike in today and speak with a technician to learn more about our Tune-Up packages.


A la Carte Services

Here are some of our most common A La Carte services that we provide. For a more extensive list please contact us. Comparing labor rates between service departments can be tricky. Tune-ups and individual services often include and exclude items that can differ from your expectations. We aim to be transparent in our prices to help you better understand what you are getting for the money. The best start is to bring your bicycle in for an official no-cost no-obligation quote. Our technicians will work with you to find the best, most cost effective solution.

Fixing a flat tire - $10
We do not patch inner tubes, so unless you provide one of your own you will need to buy one. An inner tube is typically $10 (ultra-light tubes, fat bike tubes, or heavy duty tubes cost more).

Adjusting brakes - $10
If a part of your braking system is causing insufficient braking there may be additional charges to remedy. Examples of this might be a dirty cables, a broken spring, or worn down brake pads.

Adjusting cable shifting - $10
If a part of your shifting system is causing poor shifting accuracy there may be additional charges to remedy. Examples of this might be a bent derailleur hanger, dirty cables, a broken shifter, or over-lubrication.

Truing a wheel - $15
This charge is for wheels that are in a resonable condition. Over time spokes lose tension which makes a wheel weaker a susceptible to bending. If your wheel needs to be tensioned or needs more extensive work then additional charges might apply.